Saturday, April 21, 2012

Any Oswalt Super Collectors Out There????

My posting has been a bit sporadic lately. I'm having to leave for work earlier so that has severely cut down my blogging time unfortunately! But I'm still here and will be trying to catch up soon on trade proposals and the like!

As for now, I am hoping to pare down the collection a bit... I was hoping that there is a reader who is a big Roy Oswalt fan/collector! Please, if anyone is interested, make me an offer on the following collection that I'm trying to move at a reasonable price...
That's 28 game used, auto, patch, manu-relics. I'm not trying to break the bank on these... there are a couple I know are worth a bit more, but something around an average of $3-4 each for these would help me out. Let me know if you have any interest...

1 comment:

  1. Julie might be interested. And that jumbo patch is insane!