Monday, April 9, 2012

Additional Trade Night Pick Ups

So every once in a while, we actually do some trading in between the pack wars at Trade Night at the LCS. I was able to pick up a couple cards for my Astros & Nolan Ryan collection:
A piece of Nolan bat? Sign me up for sure. There can't be too many of those layin' around. And it's numbered 49/250! Sweet!
I love cards that involve odd memorabilia, and this one certainly fits the bill! I nice dirty chunk of baseball is slabbed here in this card! Awesome! Being numbered /150 is pretty nice as well!

Finally, I did manage something pretty awesome out of my few packs of Heritage I bought for the pack war...
Not too dang shabby at all. An on card auto from a guy who was playing in 1963. Carl Boles only got to the show for 19 games in 1962 for the Giants, and that summed up the entirety of his MLB playing career. He managed to hit .375 but with only one RBI. His career may very well have been cut short by the fact that he spent '55 through '58 in the U.S. Army. I can't find much more information on him online in a quick search or two. But this is a great auto to pull from a $3.00 hobby pack!

Have a great week everyone! Hopefully the group break will start either tonight or tomorrow night!