Friday, March 23, 2012

Trade Bait Draft Results

We completed the Trade Bait Draft last night and it was a GREAT time! It went off without a hitch and I think everyone got quite a few cards that they actually wanted for their own collection and then a few to trade.

This was a bit of a unique draft since the host (myself) wasn't using his own cards, rather BigHit Sportscards in Spanish Fort, AL was offering up the trade bait for the draft... so I was able to enter it myself and pick up some cards as well. I'll separate it between keepers and trade bait... first up, the cards I drafted that'll be trade bait:
Some nice cards! Carpenter, well I have a Cardinals guy I know I can move this with, and the Britton & Kennedy are just nice looking cards. Joel Zumaya may be a bit harder to move but it's a nice looking card. Cobb is another nice auto and Cordero, well that Zenith card is just all shiny and awesome!

Here are the keepers I was able to draft:
All are new cards to my collection. Three new Bagwells, a Biggio and a Beltran! I would have had another Bagwell but that pesky Matt from Cardboard Conundrum snagged it right before it was my pick! Haha!

It was a fun time for all. Everyone else will have some inserts and relics to show off, oh, and a full set of these:
A very nice refractor set of the redemption Home Run Legends set from Topps this year!

Thanks again to BigHits Sportscards for making this an awesome draft!

For anyone who wasn't able to make it, and I drafted for you based on your preferences, if you'd like to know what you got, just shoot me an e-mail and I'll let you know!

I'll work to get all packages put together over the weekend and dropped in the mail by Monday, Tuesday at the absolutely latest!

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