Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trade Bait Draft Order

Brian over at Play At The Plate did the randomization and here is the ODD numbered round draft order:

1) Jon (Community Gum)
2) Dan
3) Matt Perry
4) Wicked
5) jaybarkerfan
6) The Dutch Card Collector
7) Hiflew
8) Matt Pederson
9) The Dimwit
10) Ryan G

It will be a snake draft so of course the even numbered rounds will be in reverse order of this list.

As soon as I hear back from everyone on a live draft date availability, I will get it rolling...

Thanks Brian!


  1. Haha! My bribe worked! With my first wish, I wish for more wishes.
    That's how this works, right?

  2. Sam, sorry, I still can't get the video to embed in the post, but at least the link works.

    Jon did not bribe me (yet!)