Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Product Review: 2012 Topps Opening Day

Normally I wouldn't open this product, but I've committed this year to reviewing major releases as much as possible... so here's the busting of the blaster:

And here are a selection of the inserts pulled from the blaster:
Anyone collecting this set? What do you like about it? What do you dislike? Set builders out there? Or do you stick to team sets? Let me know what you think!


Likes - Mascot cards = awesome; I really like the insert sets, I wish Topps would do more of the 3D cards, they look great! Cost $10.49 per blaster, not too bad for 11 packs!

Dislikes - Very tough to pull a "hit" but that's a given going in at the $10.49 price tag.

That's about it for dislikes, not a bad set overall in my opinion, it's fun to open and I'm sure kids really enjoy opening it as well since it's definitely a low cost product for parents to pick up. Would I buy it on my own if it weren't for the review? Probably not, but it could be a fun product to buy up on the cheap and bust. If I remember correctly, 2011 Topps Opening Blasters spent quite a bit of time on the shelf and ended up getting the 50% discount sticker around here, at that price, I may be forced to buy up a few more blasters!!!


  1. I was (and am) real big on the 2011 set mainly because I dislike the foil names. I think they look and scan better on both 2011 and 2012 without foil. The inserts were the big hook for me last year. They don't seem to be AS good this year, but they still seem much better than the flagship inserts which if I think about too much might put me to sleep.

  2. Thanks for busting the blaster. I've always wondered what the Opening Day sets were like. I like the mascot cards and the cheaper price for sure.

  3. I bought far too many Opening Day packs last year because the inserts were fun. (I'm still trying to finish the mascot set.)

    This year, it's not quite doing it for me.

  4. I really like Opening Day for no good reason at all. I do agree that the designs usually look better without the foil. Also, I'm glad there's a budget conscious option out there, and they usually do a good job with the inserts.
    Okay, I had a few reasons.

  5. I love the Mascot cards as well as the price point of this set. I do feel they have too many inserts which makes for a very difficult complete set completion. I bought a box and am 14 cards shy of the base set (and only got Blue bordered parallels as dupes) and not even close on any of the insert sets. I love, absolutely love the team colored borders.

  6. I think I would be hooked on Opening Day if they would make the cards like the Target Throwbacks. There needs to be a little more differentiation between flagship and Opening Day besides the Opening Day logo.

  7. Not a big fan of this set. I already collect regular Topps. This is the same thing but with an added logo. That being said, I am trying to put together last years blue parallels and inserts of the Yankees. I just thought they looked cool. I will probably do the same this year.

  8. I actually like it this year. I'm feeling a little bipolar lately though so don't hold it against me. (For the record, I'm not bipolar and not making fun of those who are, I'm just so disjointed I can't get anything straight it seems).