Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No no no no no.... YOU check out MY cards...

I got quite a haul in from last night... I completed a set and made quite a bit of progress on a few others. Here's the loot!
That's a BUNCH of mini's! I'm finishing off pages left and right, it's so awesome to see 15 of those mini's together side by side.... I had recently picked up the Cabrera in a trade, but definitely needed the Jackson. Only one SP away from the 2008 base set... all I need is the Cal Ripken Jr #92. Help me out people!!!!
4 more bronze border parallels to add to the books. I need but three more of these beauts! I'm not too far from my 2nd set base set + inserts. I snagged a random Beltran card with my remaining cents!

Those three Topps Chrome base cards complete my 1-220 base set. Anyone looking to pick one of these up? It's for sale. BV is $50 but I'll take $30 shipped. Includes all base cards for 2011 Topps Chrome, 1 through 220.
The scanner was getting an attitude with me.... sorry Mr. Pujols. But these 6 2009 A&G get me closer to completing the set that pulled me back into collecting a couple years ago. Only 2 cards left! Once again, help a guy out!!!!

Have a great Tuesday everyone... group break cards should get here tomorrow afternoon, and we'll start bustin'!!!!

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  1. There's a couple of the Ripkjen SP on comc, I thought I had it in my port.

    It's a weird card celebrating with the Mariners & a Yankee?