Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 2012 Group Break - First Two Boxes + Bonus Packs

Here's the video for the first two boxes (T205 and Standing O!) and bonus packs for the group break!

Video streaming by Ustream
Scans after the page break

 Here are the tri-fold cards. For some reason, some were folded on way, and others the other way... who knows... the on the on the top right, Ichiro & Boone is one of the "rare" tri-folds with the Brooklyn Brand, all others are Polar Bear.
 The tri-folds with the players folded outwards...
And more mini's!!!!!
Finally, the three hits from the T-205 box! Congrats to arpsmith and Play at The Plate! And well, to me too...

Here are the highlights (if one can call them that) from the UD Standing O! Box:
 Did I mention I LOVE these mini's?!?!?!?
 How awesome are those?!?!?!?
And here are the prospect cards. No hit out of the Standing O! Box, a bit disappointing but what can you do?

And finally, the highlights of the bonus 6 packs of 2011 Topps base:
Hope everyone enjoyed! Sorry it was a bit of a long video, but we were having a bit of fun with the live chat and my mispronunciation of names...

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