Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hey everyone. I'm going to be starting the group break LIVE tomorrow on my UStream Channel. This time it should go a bit better as I'll be using the new Mac instead of my Windows webcam. The box breaking will begin at 7:30pm (central) tomorrow night (provided UPS handles their end of their bargain in delivery!).

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in the fun. I may have a beer or two as we go along, maybe you all can come up with a fun drinking game. I'll bust at least one if not two of the boxes from the break, and make sure I get the video recorded and posted to YouTube once we're done for those of you who can't make it. If it gets to be 7:40pm and no one has shown up, I'll just go ahead and record the videos with my camcorder and post them on the blog ASAP.

Here's the link to the UStream channel.

Can't wait... and for those of you in the break... leave a comment with what box you'd most like to see first... I'm leaning towards the Pro Sigs or Standing O! boxes, maybe the T-205. But the Playoff Portraits is definitely going to be the last one we bust!