Saturday, March 3, 2012

Group Break Update and the Card of the Day

We had our first team swap trade go down yesterday between Hiflew and Ryan H, with Hiflew ending up with the Cubs and Ryan H getting the Blue Jays. Again, if anyone wants the Marlins, I'm basically open to any trades. It seems the Marlins and I are destined for each other as I've got them the past couple of my own breaks and one over at Nachos Grande. I don't particularly like the Marlins or any of their players, so yes, I'm begging at this point... don't want the Pirates/Royals/A's/Padres, shoot them my way! Anyone??? Anyone??? Bueller... Bueller?

Ok, well the boxes shipped from Dave and Adam's Card World yesterday after I ordered them yesterday morning. They show that they are going to arrive in Mobile on Wednesday, so I should start busting wax Wednesday night!

Here's an awesome Astros card for today:
Have I mentioned enough how much I think UD Black is AWESOME? These cards just look SWEEEEEET! The Berkman auto looks great in the framed autograph area, even if it is a sticker. The American flag patch is pretty cool too! Number it out of /75 and I'm definitely a happy collector!
On the back, the standard write-up from Upper Deck and a quick blurb about a awesome Lance Berkman performance on 8/12/07. I'm not to sure about UD calling this sub-set "Pride of a Nation" as we Americans don't really go about calling our baseball players National heroes or anything, but whatever, it's still an awesome card!


  1. I feel your pain. I went through like 6 breaks in a row getting randomized the Marlins.

    Will any of their players have the same name as last year. I know Mike Stanton is now Giancarlo (which doesn't seem to go well with the last name Stanton) plus Leo Nunez is Juan Oviedo and Carlos Zambrano's new name is Carlos Zambrano (changed from Giant Douchebag).

    They are just an odd team. Luckily they will have a nice calming force in Ozzie Guillen to lead them. Um, well maybe not.

  2. I'm pretty sure than Carlos Zambrano's name is still Giant Douchebag. I'll go 1:1 odds theres a brawl in the Miami dugout this year between Guillen and Giant Douchebag.

  3. 2007 UD Black is, indeed, awesome. One of, if not absolutely, my favorite sets.

  4. I busted a case almost a year ago. Unfortunately my Jeter auto /3 was an expired redemption :-(
    Still think it's a beautiful set though!