Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Free cards from Matt!

Matt over at Number 5 Type Collection did a big spring training giveaway and merely asked people to rank 5 teams in order of interest. I forget my rankings but of course the Astros were #1, followed somewhere down the line with the Rangers and Rockies and 2 others I don't remember. I don't remember them because I didn't win those teams! I got a big package in the mail yesterday with cards from the three teams I won... here's the loot:

Rangers (all the cards):
The Nolan stays with me... the rest are up for trade for sure...

Rockies (highlights):
All tradable cards... this is about half of the Rockies stack, so Mr. Hiflew, if you're interested in a healthy stack of Rockie base cards, by all means...

Astros (highlights):
And here are my beloved Astros! A nice smattering of Bagwells, a Berkman relic!!! And a vintage Nolan to round it out... there were a few cards of Carlos Lee, but I decided for the 2012 year will be a Carlos Free Year on the blog. There will be no Carlos Lee cards scanned or posted from here forward, no matter how awesome or awful a card you send me, if it involves Carlos Lee I will utterly refuse to post it. If this new ownership group re-signs Carlos, my head will certainly explode.

Matt, thank you so much for the free cards! You're a good man sir!!!!!!


  1. I'm sure I could come up with some Astro love for the Rox.

  2. You're welcome, man! Glad the cards arrived safely.