Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Day, Another Card

Today I show off a card I got from my own group break... one of my favorite base cards to have pulled:
What's so great about this card? It's 2003 Playoff Portraits!!!! I really like this set first off for many reasons. The relic set is awesome, and they don't ruin the artwork on the front by putting the relics in the middle of them. They are cleverly put on the BACK of the card and even in a pull down tab embedded in the card! As for the artwork, these cards are great. And this card in particular just cracks me up. It's like Lance is both pisses and about to crack up laughing at the same time. The artist (real or photoshop) captured his facial expression at just the right moment. It's a great picture of a player I have really good memories of!
Here's the back of the base card if anyone cares!
Just a reminder for the Trade Bait Draft, if you aren't going to make it Thursday evening and you haven't turned in your preference spreadsheet, PLEASE get those to me ASAP!

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