Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Day... Another Card...

In the never ending quest to show you every single awesome card I own, here's today's card!
Today we have a great relic of Roy Oswalt from 2005 Prime Patches. Not only is it an over-sized swatch, it's a bit dirty and the card is super thick. A sweet looking card. My one gripe, certainly they can find a picture with him wearing the same style uniform they cut the swatch from... to me it's details like that which push a card from great to AWESOME!
Here's the back and as you can see it's #'d /150. A simple design on back, I'm assuming they customize these with the team colors from the player's team, but they could all be the same scheme for all I know. This may be another product I research for a future break!

Have a great day everyone!!!!!

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