Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor: Breygent Marketing

I am really starting to develop a great rapport with the guys and gals over at Breygent Marketing and I'm getting more and more excited about their upcoming releases! They recently sent over some promo material, so I thought I'd show it off a bit, and do a giveaway, as they sent me plenty of extras!

First of all, here are promos from a set I wasn't aware of yet: Warlords of Mars!
That beast on the left is pretty dang intimidating. The backs of the cards say that the set will be feature 72 base cards, autograph cards (artists I assume), Sketch Art Cards and "other exciting chase cards". If you're a fan of art on cardboard, Breygent has the cards for you.

Next up are cards I've previewed before on this blog, first is Red Sonja:
Does this chick look like a total bad@$$ or what? Again, I'm not a reader of graphic novels (although the wife is reading The Walking Dead at the moment) but I may have to preview this Red Sonja series just to see if I like it.  Again, great artwork!

Finally, we have our favorite lady vampire... Vampirella:
Wow, again I love the detail and artwork on these cards. The skull in the second one just looks awesome, as does the monster in the 4th... oh yea, and that Vampirella looks kind of hot too! Haha! A big thanks to Breygent for sending these over... and for sending me 10 complete sets of these awesome cards!

So, as for that giveaway I mentioned... I want these cards to go to people who appreciate them, not just the first 9 (I'm keeping a set for myself) to comment. So, what I'll do is make you work for it a bit. The first 9 people who comment and tell me what they collect as far as graphic novels, comics and the like, will get a set. Tell me a bit about your collection and if you think you'd buy a box of any of these sets.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Really don't have graphic novels per say. I collect the Grimm Fairy Tales line of comics from Zenescope mainly, but also pick up Stephen King's Dark Tower series and the Wheel of Time graphic series as well. I like the individual comics for the cover art, especially when they spoof something on the cover.

    The War Lord series reminds me of the old Boris Velajo card series that I have somewhere around the house. And you can't go wrong with a Redhead in my book. Vampirella is , well, Vampirella. I have 1 or two books from her series (mainly for the cover art) I am trying to cut back on my comic collection, at $3-5 per book, it gets expensive, quick. As for the cards, really trying to stick with the baseball (except for the Big Bang Theory) so no, probably won't be buying a box. Though if some show up in the discount bin at my comic shop, I'll probably pick some packs up. If I were to suddenly find myself with some extra cash, I'd most likely lean towards the Red Sonja.

  2. I recently discoverd the Walking Dead on Netflix and I've already got the Compendium One on the way. I'm an avid reader, but have never been into graphic novels. However, I can't wait for this one. I still read comics that my kids get, primarily Batman, Dark Knight and a few of the various Spiderman issues. I have a box of about 200 comics from when I was a kid, but nothing valuable (that I know of anyway!) I don't know if I'd buy a box with my limited budget, but the artwork is amazing.

  3. Man, those Warlord of Mars cards are totally metal. \m/

    All my hobbies involve collecting things (thus making moving a very heavy and problematic experience). I started reading comics in college during 2006 (dorm floor-mates got me hooked), and I have not stopped buying and reading graphic novels or limited issues since. My favorite graphic novel collections are The Boys, The Exterminators, Matt Fraction's run on The Immortal Iron Fist and Punisher: War Zone, The Authority, and Planetary. I'll pretty much read anything by Matt Fraction, Warren Ellis, or Garth Ennis. Recently, I've been trying to amass Hellboy and Conan (Red Sonja!) books. I think the greatest comics I've ever read are the Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns, though. Don't know if you're into comics, Sam, but I would definitely recommend everything I've mentioned - if you're interested!

  4. When I was a kid it was all Captain America, Avengers and Fantastic Four. Well, when I was a little kid it was Archie, Richie Rich and Casper. I moved on to the graphic novels like V for Vendetta, Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns. In college it was mostly Robert Crumb and Daniel Clowes (Eightball comics) Now I don't really get to read much comics. I'll still search out some from the 60's or a few anthologies, but that's about it.

    I really like some of the Breygent stuff. The Red Sonja and Vampirella cards look nice. I mostly like those sets because of the sketch cards. It seems that most of those art sets are sold out by the time I get around to ordering something.

  5. I mostly collect Marvel stuff these days because I'm a huge X-Men fan. I have some original artwork used in the comics and attend a comic book convention each year.

    My girlfriend is a much bigger comic nerd than I am and actually reads Red Sonja. She evens has a mini statue of Red Sonja based on a cover drawn by Michael Turner which was her favorite artist until he passed away a few years ago. I know she would be excited to add these cards to her collection.

    Overall we both have mostly picked up Rittenhouse boxes for the sketch cards but the base cards were dull. These kick all kinds of ass.

  6. I don't collect any graphic novels. I used to collect Marvel comics but sold them all when things got tough. But I do collect something that not many know about. I collect Edgar Rice Burroughs books. I have the complete set of John Carter books in 4 different editions and partial sets from a slew of other editions.

  7. I guess you could say comics were my first hobby, and one I still wish I could truly keep up with.
    I've been a reader of comics for most of my life, but it wasn't until my senior year of high school that I actually started taking them seriously. Mainly because that is when I first read Hellboy. As someone who grew up reading various DC and Marvel comics, it was my first experience with something that was truly creator conmtrolled, and anything penned by Mike Mignola is always on the top of my own/read/steal lists. I also collect comic books he did the cover art for, he is hands-down my favorite artist.
    Reading that story was my jumping-on point for Dark Horse comics. A publishing company where the likes of The Goon, Conan, Indiana Jones, and the Star Wars liscenses reside.
    The whole "sword and sorcery" genre of literature is one that I have come to personally relish in (Red Sonja, Conan, Fafhred and the Grey Mouser, Krull, etc.), and I blame that on a love for Norse mthology, ha ha.
    I think comic card sets are very cool, and fun to collect. I'd be excited to see which artists get contracted to the full Warlord of Mars set. I can imagine the likes of Brom, Greg Staples, and Kev Walker putting their talents to canvas for something like this.
    I would be very honored to add something like this to my comic card binder.
    *On a side note, Michael Bay is fool and dunce for even suggesting a movie story where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are aliens, not mutants. For one thing, that canges the abbreviation to being one letter away from being something not family appropriate in any way whatsoever.*