Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An Update... on the Group Break... and the Product Review

Ok, only 3 more slots remaining in the Group Break!!!! Hurry before you  miss out!!!!

Alright, Tri City Sports PL has reviewed my review... and well they weren't too happy. Here is their response:

"1. The cards are not laminated there incased in color changing soft plastic to prevent counterfiting. If the card is taken out of the plastic it will make the card get white stripes or white dotes that will keep getting darker over time. This plastic is actually new generation and very expensive.
2. Bobby's 1/1 cut auto went for $150 on ebay in the 2011 release according to the auction tracker software. If you where to pay retail on that paticuler box you would have tripled your money
So at this point your review in missing some facts."
If anyone will pay $150 for the Bobby Valentine autograph that I pulled yesterday, I've got some ocean front property in Colorado that you'll just LOVE! Oh, and laminated is laminated, even if you spent extra money on "special plastic". It's not "encased". Encased implies the type of casing used by actual grading services like PSA, JSA and Beckett. Anyways, since I'm contractually obligated not to sell the card, I offered to eBay auction the card and donate 100% of the proceeds to charity, Best Friends in Kanab Utah, but then the representative I was e-mailing suddenly no longer had the authority to continue to conversation. But he swore up and down that the 1/1 Bobby Valentine from THEIR PRODUCT sold for $150 9 months ago on eBay. However, since we can't go back that far in the historical search, I can't verify such a claim. Perhaps there IS a Bobby Valentine super-collector out there...
Needless to say, I'm sure MUCH to the dismay of all my readers, this will be my last sponsorship with Tri City Sports PL, I have no more interest in participating in what they are doing to legitimate autographs. Calling it a "Franken-Cut" would be an insult to Franken-Cuts. Anyways, it was fun while it lasted and at this point I don't think either of us has anything left of value to give to the other in the partnership.


  1. I'll miss visiting their website most of all.

  2. Hard to support a company who gets mad when someone posts an honest review.

  3. Ocean front property in Colorado? That sounds DELIGHTFUL. I would like some, please.

    I will build a house there, complete with a room to house my Bobby Valentine collection.