Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trade With Jason from Hobbs' Knights and Final Group Break Tease

Jason from Hobbs' Knights (great blog name, LOVE that movie) posted a while back that he was giving away his Golden Giveaway code cards. I figured, "What the heck" and managed to pick up two more real cards (4 total: Car-Go, Frank Robinson, Felix Hernandez and Mariano Rivera... I apparently am VERY lucky with the codes since I've managed to unlock 4 in 16 codes). In return I sent Jason a handful of Kimball Mini's since I decided to break up my very incomplete set... He also sent along some Astros:
I absolutely love peeling the protective film off Topps Finest cards and he sent three I was able to peel. Thanks Jason, really appreciate the cards!

Well, here's the final box of the group break... sign-ups will go live tomorrow... wait for the announcement post and claim your team...
That's a hobby box of 2003 Topps T-205. 2 hits per box, 20 packs at 6 cards per pack!

I hope those 4 boxes entice you enough to join the break. It will be $15 per slot and each slot will get two teams (one you choose, the second randomly assigned). In recap, the 4 boxes are:
2003 Playoff Portraits
2003 Topps T-205
2004 UD Diamond Collection Pro Sigs
2003 UD Standing O!

I didn't realize I was doing almost all 2003 products until I listed them out like that, I guess subconsciously I was going for years when the Astros had at least a half decent squad! Haha! Anyways, it should be a great break and has the potential for some great hits! Should get at least 8 hits across all 4 products.