Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trade and Purchase... don't forget my contest...

So I got two packages in the mail yesterday... first up, is a trade with Brian from the blog Pirates Treasure Room. There aren't a lot of Pirates bloggers out there and Brian's is a good read, make sure he's on your blogroll or Google Reader Feed. Here's what he sent my way...
An awesome bat card from Berkman, some Nolan Ryan cards as an Angel & Ranger that I didn't have from 2012 Topps and then some random Astros, I only scanned the Bagwells. Thanks Brian!

Next up is a card of epic proportions... AWESOMENESS encapsulated in cardboard... behold, the 6 relic card!!!!!!
Yes, that's batting glove, jersey, bat, shoe, fielding glove and hat. The last piece, the hat, looks like it was from a hat Berkman wore for a while too, all dirty and sweaty. It's an AWESOME CARD!!!! Got it for a steal of a deal on the eBay. Couldn't be happier!!!
Here's the back, it's numbered 10/25!!! Freakin' SWEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!

Alright, make sure you enter my contest, it's free and you win cards... what else could you want????


  1. Nice Berkman! I love those Tools of the Trade cards, they're 100% awesome.

  2. That 6-way is amazing, nice score!

  3. I'm glad you liked the cards I sent you. That Berkman Tools of the Trade is awesome.

  4. Love the Berkman. I'm all about unique relics.