Thursday, February 23, 2012

This is some kind of Trifecta... right???

I read a lot of guys going after "trifectas" of their favorite player or players... most of the time it's Rookie Card, Jersey & Auto... well, I have a bit of an odd ball trifecta that I realized I had once I started looking for a card to post this morning... it actually involved two of my favorite players from all-time... if only I could get a dual auto card to add to this bunch...
 Game Used Base...
 Game Used Jerseys...
Game Used Bats...

How sweet is that?!?!?! Like I said, the only thing that could push this over the top is to add a dual auto (which I'm not sure if they exist for these two, I'm sure I'm wrong... if anyone would like to prove me wrong by offering one for trade, I'll gladly admit my mistake!!!!!) Anyways, I'm excited to have these cards in my collection. I showed off the base card recently as loot from a trade, but the bats and jerseys cards are also spoils from my many trades with you awesome readers and fellow bloggers!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!


  1. Definitely one of the greatest all-time pairings, up there with Whitaker-Tram, Sandberg-Grace, Tinker-Evers-Chance, etc.

  2. That is an awesome trio of cards!


  3. According to beckett, there are 2 Dual autos:

    2005 Donruss Signature INKcredible Combos #14 Bagwell/Biggio #/3

    2005 Ultimate Collection Dual Signatures #BB Biggio/Bagwell #/25

    There are also two material variations on the Ultimate card:

    2005 Ultimate Collection Dual Materials Signature #CJ Biggio/Bagwell #/10

    2005 Ultimate Collection Dual Materials Signature Patch #CJ Biggio/Bagwell #/5

    They also have a few triple and quad autos (w/berkman, oswalt, clemens, etc.)

    If you are just strictly speaking of dual autos though, you have 3+25+10+5 = 43 possible cards in existence.

    Good luck with that.

  4. There's a quad auto with Berkman and Buchholz (too lazy to check on the spelling of that) on eBay at the moment.

  5. There's also a 2nd quad in the same series, different players though. There's a Clemens/Oswalt/Lidge/Buchholz (also on ebay - $145 - ouch!)