Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sportslots and eBay... we may have a problem here...

So I got two packages in today... one from Sportslots and one from eBay...

The problem I speak of in the title of this post is that Sportslots is an awesome site. Very reasonably priced Gypsy Queen commons (and even SP's! $0.18 for a GQ SP??? Heck ya! Sign me up!) Anyways, this was my first experience on the site and I'm tempted to put some cards up myself, it was a blast! The first of two packages arrived today...
$3.00 shipped. Can't beat that with a stick! Well, you could but then you'd damage the card, so just enjoy the fact that you got it for $3, right? Sportslots, I'll be back to you soon to find cheap commons and relics!

Next up, I've got a purchase from eBay that is THIS close to making want to start buying hobby jumbo packs of 2012 Topps.
Um.... *drool*... this card is epically AWESOME!!! I will collect anything with Nolan plastered on it of course, but Topps hit one out of the park with these ring cards. These things are about 15 cards thick and are going to be nearly impossible to store/display. Anyone found a solution yet? I just put mine in a hard case, there's room in there for it to move around a bit, but I don't plan on jostling it around too much anyways. What a great looking card, the ring part has a great design and again they mount it on the faux felt that just makes it look like some kind of museum presentation. Anyways, a great picture of Nolan as an Angel as well.

In the past 4 days, I've managed to snatch up all but two card that I'm looking for from 2012 Topps Series one: The /34 Nolan Ryan Coin card (Never getting this one, it just isn't going to happen...) and the Brett Wallace jersey card. I've got my eye on several auctions at 0.99 out there and I can't believe there are enough Brett Wallace fans out there to keep me from getting one for $0.99 + shipping. Anyways, if anyone has one for trade just let me know, I'd love to trade for it if I can!


  1. I actually found Sportlots before I found the blog world. I love that site, once I learned to use it properly. It is best used for buying lots of commons from one seller at a time. Common nserts are also okay, but low #'d, relics and autos are WAY overpriced. COMC or eBay is best for those. But Sportlots is great for filling up a set or player/team collection.

  2. Speaking of Brett Wallace: Don't know if you saw it on my blog or not, but I've got a Brett Wallace 2011 Finest X-Fractor auto redemption card available for trade if you're interested.

  3. OMG....What a great looking Ryan card...very envious