Friday, February 3, 2012

More Trades!

I always get excited to see bubble mailers in my mailbox. Yesterday was no exception... I got two trades in yesterday.

First up, Derek from Tomahawk Chopping. He saw my post the other day about my quest to collect the complete mini and full sized relic sets from 2011 Gypsy Queen. I had pulled the Rickey Henderson in one of the boxes I busted, and he still had it and offered it up for trade. What a great guy, eh? Well, he also had a Dan Uggla as well...
 Thanks Derek!

Next up is Jeff from My Sports Obsession. He sent over a BUNCH of Astros and some 1978's I needed as well. I've got a White Sox package to build in return.
 I love the 1975 Topps design. Just awesome.
He also included these two autographs! The Wagner is just a sweet looking auto and a great looking card. I think Tommy Manzella has moved on from the Astros at this point. He had a chance to be the starting SS the past couple years and just couldn't get his swing going enough to justify staying on at the ML level. He's the kind of guy many consider to be a AAAA player. Excels at AAA but just can't do well enough at the ML level to stick. I wish him the best wherever he's headed to next (I want to say Arizona or Cleveland, but I'm too lazy this morning to fact-check it.)

Thanks Jeff! I'll be working on a package for you this weekend!

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  1. Your welcome. I couldn't find anything around here. My LCS's suck. So I hooked up with my cousin in NC, he had the 2 auto's and sent them my way so I could even make a trade. Then some of the Bagwell's and other Astros I got in other trade packages. The vintage stuff I had though, I can claim that at least. I never realized how hard Astros were to find in Indiana.