Monday, February 27, 2012

March Group Break... Box Tease #2 and #3

Here's a couple more boxes to tease you all for the March Group Break... sign-ups will go live on Thursday!
That's 2004 Upper Deck Diamond Collection Pro Sigs and 2004 Upper Deck Standing O!

There will be one more box for this break, I'll announce that Wednesday!

Again, it'll be $15 for two teams! You better pay attention, I have a feeling this break is going to fill quickly...


  1. You had me at Playoff Portraits. These two are great too because I only have one card from each of these sets. I have to work on Thursday, hope I don't miss sign ups.

  2. The Standing O box says 2003. Did you mean to say 2003 in the post? I can't find a 2004 checklist.