Monday, February 13, 2012

It's CONTEST TIME... I fell off the wagon, and you win!

I fell off the "not buying 2012 Topps" wagon. We stopped by Target on the way home... I saw a blaster of Topps 2012 looking all lonely on the shelf and figured, what the hell... what's the harm??? Well, the wife was an enabler (we'll be having a serious discussion about this later)... and I have decided that the only way to purge myself of this piece of karma is to give the cards away! So, here's what I'm going to do... there will be three winners. The first winner will get all the base cards. The second winner will get all the insert/parallel cards. The third winner will win the Golden Giveaway card that I pulled from the box...

The commemorative card, that's mine... I have to win something from this blaster, right?!?!?! Well, here's what I got for my commemorative patch card:
Yea, a freakin' SWEEEEEET patch... Topps, I have to hand it to you, again... you knocked it out of the park with the manu-patches this year.

Alright, onto the contest... here's how you win. Your entry will consist of three answers:

1) Team name with the most BASE cards from my blaster and guess how many cards were pulled of that team? (Hint: no cards were pulled for the Royals, Red Sox, Padres or Braves... so that leaves 26 other possible teams.) Any multi-team card will go with the team on the far left of the card. (Winner gets all the base cards)
2) Team name with the most INSERT and PARALLEL cards in the blaster, and how many cards were pulled of that team? (Winner gets all the Inserts and Parallels)
3) What is the first letter of the code from the Golden Giveaway card and what player is on the front of the code card? (Winner gets the code card)

If your comment "name" doesn't link back to either an e-mail or profile where I can get in touch with you, please also include an e-mail address with your comment.

If no one guesses the correct team for questions 1 and 2, I'll randomize all entrants for each and the #1 and #2 name listed will win the corresponding prize. The second part of each question will be used to determine a winner in case of a tie. Whoever is closest without going over (The Price Is Right rules) will win the tie-breaker. For question three, if no one guesses the correct letter, I'll randomize the entrants as well and #2 will get the code card. On question three, if two people guess the winning letter, and there is a tie that cannot be broken, I'll give both people a code card as I have a second one from my jumbo pack I bought last week. If more than two, I'll randomize the one card among all correct letter guesses.

Ok, I think that covers all likely scenarios...

Friday, after I get home from work, I'll determine a winner for each category.


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  2. whoops. Matt Kemp on the Golden Giveaway card.

  3. Yankees 6

    Phillies 3

    Q Adrian Gonzalez

  4. Phillies 7

    Giants 3

    X -- Willie Mays

  5. Yankees 8

    Yankees 5


    word verification: prizetti, hope thats an omen

  6. Cardinals 6,

    Yankees 6,

    Letter S

    Roberto Clemente on the card

  7. Phillies 5

    Dodgers 3

    W Roy halladay

  8. Yankees 5

    White Sox 2

    Letter L.

    Is Shelly eligible to win?

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  10. Cardinals 5
    Yankees 3
    G Pujols

    I would love to trade for that Mays if you want to completely purge yourself of the blaster!

  11. Phillies 5

    Yanks 4

    g Halladay

    and I think that covers all six parts.

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  13. Dodgers 5
    Rockies 5
    Letter H and Ichiro

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  15. Dodgers 7
    Cardinals 3
    R - Tim Lincecum

  16. Let's try ...

    Dodgers 7

    Mariners 3