Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Hiflew-in' Trade

I made another deal with Hiflew (Johnny) over at Cards From The Quarry. He's the only Rockies collector that I know, so luckily for him he gets first dibs on all the sweet Rockies cards I tend to pull. Anyways, here's what Johnny sent my way this time!
 Wow, the Bagwell/Biggio relic is just sick and awesome. Bases. Yesterday I show you wall piece relics, today you get bases! An awesome card for sure! Hakeem... what can be said about The Dream that hasn't already been said. One of the top 5 centers of all time. Very cool to get his Goodwin relic, the only permanent basketball card in my collection... A nice GQ mini I needed... and oh, what's that Mr. Hidalgo? You have something to show us????
Nice! A jersey swatch #'ed out of 50! I'm going to have to see about getting a box of this Playoff Portraits 2003 for my next break. I love the artwork and the relics are just sweeeeeet! 

Have a great day everyone, and thanks Johnny!!!


  1. I seriously thought about backing out of the trade after I got that Hidalgo in hand. Well not seriously thought, but that is a beautiful card. I'd definitely love to see a box of this in a break and possibly get a Rockie like that one.

  2. I love base relics. I'm collecting the 2000 HoloGRFX Pice of the Series set - a World Series game-used base set.