Friday, February 10, 2012

eBay Purchase #1 - Topps 2012 Astros

So, I saw that Brent & Becca (I'm sure most or all of you know who they are) busted 60 JUMBO CASES (ridiculous) of 2012 Topps flagship. Well, they busted my share... so I checked out their eBay store and stalked a few items. First one to get to my door is my 2012 Astros Teams set (including all inserts). I wasn't sure what all inserts the Astros had in this set, and it turns out there were a lot fewer than I thought there would be... only 5. Sad times for Astros fans everywhere, we can't even get a decent insert of a modern player. Here are the base cards:
We got all vertical shots in series 1. It's odd they included Corporan as he only appeared in 52 games and is only back on a minor league contract this year. Quintero would seem like a more logical choice if you ask me considering he's on the MLB roster and all. Melancon is already on another team (Boston). Meanwhile, the rest are still with the squad. I'm excited to see how Altuve does in his first full year at the major league level, hopefully he hits well and keeps his OPS up to where it was in the minors. There is talk of Brett Wallace moving to 3B,  which would be great to fill a defensive hole, but if he still doesn't hit the ball it doesn't matter. Onto the inserts:
Here are ALL the inserts the Astros have in series one. Seriously Topps, with all the insert sets, you couldn't find a way to throw an Astro on any of them. Jordan Lyles is our hot pitching prospect... nothing? Eh, ok... I understand. Not to diminish the look of these Nolan inserts! I love the rainbow uniforms!!! I know there are bloggers who turn green and want to puke when they see them, but I just absolutely think they are the best uniforms we ever had. The opening day Colt 45's jerseys are a close second. Anyway, classic Nolan pitching shots on all 5.

All this for only $2.01 auction. For my collecting goals this year, this is a win. Much better than buying a box... although I really want to bust some wax!!!!!


  1. I'm the same way. Bought the Cubs 2012 team set on the cheap and really want to bust some wax.

    Question is, can I wait until the other products hit the market?

  2. I was pretty excited for 2012 Topps Series 1 but then I realized J.D. Martinez wasn't out until Series 2 so I lost my excitement. I'm trying to pick up most of the team set via trade so we'll see how that goes.

    Either way nice pickups and congrats on staying within your collection goals and not spending money on wax.