Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Couple of Trades!

Good morning everyone... I'll get us started today with a couple of trades. Quite a few of us bloggers got contacted by the one and only Smed a week or two ago and while he was doing some Winter Cleaning, he made a bunch of trade packages for team collectors he knew. Well, luckily for me I am his Astros connection, so I got a nice stack of Astros from throughout the years and here are some highlights:
I really like the blue/purple-ish bordered cards from Bowman Chrome, just cool looking. I had to include the Taubensee because well it looks like a Play At The Plate kind of card, but it also looks like a failed PATP with the ball trickling a away but no runner in sight. I don't think there's any way to research this card... Also, Smed sent over a few 1978 cards as well, I'd scan those in but I'm a Dimwit and already bindered them. Thanks Smed, I'll be working on a return package for you soon!

Next up is my buddy Matt (aka DocHoloday) who has one of the nicest looking blogs out there, what do you expect when the guy designs web pages for a living??? Anyways, I may have to contract him out to re-design mine some day... anyways, he saw a couple Red Sox cards I picked up in a trade (just for him) and he put together a VERY nice package in return...
That knocks three GQ relics off my need list... and this trade was going just fine and dandy until he had to up and include a Carlos Lee card. I mean, that's just WAY worse than Bipping... that's vindictive and full of malice forethought. I'll get you back Matt... expect some Buckner cards in your future... bahahahaha...

On a side note, I only need ONE MORE PARTICIPANT IN THE GROUP BREAK!!!!!


  1. lol, glad you like'em. I had considered using multiple Lee cards as packing material, but hiding one in the middle seemed like more fun :P

  2. Hoping Bud has a really solid year this season.