Saturday, February 18, 2012

Contest Winners Announced!!!!

Sorry everyone for not getting this posted last night... we had a bit of a family emergency, the dog went to the vet and due to the conditions he lived in before he was adopted, had to get all but 2 of his teeth extracted. So, our dog named "Chewy" is ironically unable to chew... anyways, that wasn't a fun vet bill...

Onto the contest results. Here is the randomization video, for as hard as I tried to make a distinct winner, you people had to go and make ties... The-Price-Is-Right-rules were used and 3 people tied for the Base Card Contest, and then 3 people got the Insert contest right as well... after the video, I'll scan in the winning groups of cards...

Here are the scans of the winning groups...

Dawgbones, you win because the Phillies showed up STRONG!
I would guess that this is pretty close to a complete team set of base... plus the big stack of additional base of course that'll head your way!
Here's the inserts that Arpsmith won with his entry, and the Golden Giveaway card belonging to Nick!

Thanks everyone for participating, and get me updated addresses for your prizes if I haven't already contacted you!

Have a great weekend!!!!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your pooch... hope it all works out for him!! Some people ought to be shot when it comes to mis-treating animals.