Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cards From The Dutch

Many of you have started getting comments, trade requests and group break participation from Jeroen over at The Dutch Card Guy. It's great to have a blogger from Holland and even greater that he's actively trading from a continent away. He recently saw my 2012 Topps Series 1 need list and knocked out what was remaining all at once, and then threw in some extra Astros as well. In the end, all he asked was that I throw in some extra Yankees in the next group break package I send his way!
There you have the final 10 cards I needed to wrap my 2012 Series 1 set.
And the Astros cards he sent along. I wish Felipe had done better as an Astro but he's another in a long line of "meh" prospects put together by Tim Pupura and Ed Wade. I really like the gold bordered Biggio card, classic Biggio follow through on the swing. I bet that was a double... haha!

Thanks Jeroen!


  1. You're very welcome Sam, hope you like the cards !

  2. At least Felipe did better as an Astro than as a Rockie. It could've been much worse.