Saturday, February 25, 2012

Boy have I got some catching up to do...

Warning, this is going to one heck of a long post... grab some popcorn and enjoy...

First up, is blog reader Steve G. He offered up a trade a while back revolving around some Gypsy Queen cards and while we couldn't come to terms on a deal initially, we finally worked one out... here's my loot:
A few cards knocked off the Goodwins Champions need list, and then some GQ cards I definitely needed! Steve also sent along a few Hollywood Walk of Fame cards for my wife's collection! Thanks Steve!

Next up, is blog reader Jeffrey... he's spending his winter up in Dakota country finding me cool Astros stuff, and sent me a cool old Beckett from when I wasn't collecting:
2004 and 2005 with Clemens and Pettitte were two of the best years to be Astros fans, and this Beckett was a great reminder of that! Thanks Jeffrey!

Another blog reader, known to many around the blogosphere as "arpsmith" and actually named Adam, saw my 2012 Topps Series 1 want list and knocked out a BUNCH. I was already sending him a prize package so I included a bunch of Giants cards for him and got this nice stack in return!
I'm waiting for one more trade package (can't remember who it's from thought... eeks...) and my 2012 Topps Series 1 set will be complete! Thanks Adam!

An unexpected package showed up this week from Trey over at Rants, Reviews and Fandom. He apparently has been stalking following the Astros Winter "CAREavans" around Texas this winter and hooked me up with some autographs!
I met Deshaies and Cruz at the recent TriStar show and it's cool to get Mills and Brown's signatures as well. These are postcard sized cards, so they'll look good in a binder if I can find the right sized pages! Trey, you're an awesome guy, keep stalking those Astros and hookin' a blogger up!!!!!

Finally, Ben over at Baseball Cards Rule was droolin' over my Mike Schmidt Retired Ring, and after a deal didn't work out with another blogger, Ben was able to come up with these AWESOME cards in return for the Schmidt:
First up, a Sweet Spot Sweet Swatch (say that 5 times fast) of Berkman. I really like the design of the Sweep Spot product line. Next up, two great Bagwells:
I love framed mini relics of any sort. T205 are no exception! Great cards! I love the borders on both!

Thanks everyone for the packages, trades, random unexpected stuff and all the cards we share. It really makes blogging worth doing!

Finally, an announcement: recently, there's been quite a few "trade bait drafts". However, I have no where near the trade bait necessary to host one myself. HOWEVER, I did pick up a sponsor for a trade bait draft. Big Hits Sports Cards is going to be pulling 80 hits for me to use in a trade bait draft. There will be 10 slots at $25 per person. I will not participate unless I have to. In addition to the 8 rounds of relics, I'll be adding in at least 7 rounds of inserts/parallels/mini's from my own collection for a total of 15 rounds of picks. I will be posting sign ups and teaser scans as soon as Nathan over at Big Hits gets the cards pulled for me. Just wanted to give you all a heads up... stay tuned...

As for the March Group Break... I'll tease it with this photo:
That's just one of the three boxes to be involved...


  1. You should be expecting a package from me to complete your Topps 2012 set ! Hopefully arriving soon !

  2. Awww man, now I've got to decide which one to go in on, a draft or a break. Of course... I could always just do both, but then the wife would murder me, lol.

  3. Glad you like the Berkman and Bagwell cards. That was a awesome trade. Look forward to more.