Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Day... Another Card...

A bit of a throwback this morning... I give you a 1983 Topps base card which has been signed TTM-style by the one and only Joe Niekro.
Joe pitched for the Astros before I was old enough to have any remembrance of him as a player, however he is a beloved figure in Houston Astros history and had a solid 22 year major league career. He was the first Astro ever to have back-to-back 20 win seasons and was narrowly edged out of the Cy Young by Bruce Sutter in '79. He won a World Series Title in 1987 with the Twins and subsequently retired the next season. Sadly he passed away in 2006 after a brain aneurysm.

I picked up this card at a card shop in Houston for $3.00. Totally worth it.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet card, the auto's kind of different.

    I got your cards this weekend- heading to the PO today to send your 2 GQ patches out - thanks!