Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Day... Another Card...

Good morning everyone... I forgot to post a card yesterday and I know you all must be depressed and sad not to have heard from me. So, I give you a truly awesome card today in return...
I'm not sure what started the "silk card" craze, but I'm glad someone got that ball rolling. Add in the fact that it's an awesome looking 2009 Allen and Ginter card and it's hard to beat. It's numbered out of 10 and I just love the way Topps framed these cards, as well as the mini autos/relics. I picked this card up for about $10-15 from my LCS back in Houston and I'm glad I did, it's an awesome addition to my now massive and growing Lance Berkman collection.

Have a great day everyone!

Quick question: For the March Group Break, I have narrowed my box selections down. It's going to be about $15 for two team. One of the boxes I'm sure of, the other I was thinking of doing a Hobby Jumbo box of 2012 Topps. Would you all rather do the Topps Jumbo or 2 less expensive boxes of mid 2000's cards? I need opinions! Flood me with comments!!!!!


  1. You know me, I'm all for 2000's randomness. I know everyone else is going crazy for 2012, but I just need about 2 more cards out of it for my team set, so I'll vote the other way. You know I'll probably buy in regardless ;)

  2. 10-15 bucks in Houston for that? Damn, what a steal Sam!

  3. I am all for mid-2000s as well, always enjoy those ! Still, if you do 2012 Topps I probably can't help myself and participate anyways !