Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Day, Another Card

Congrats to you Giants fans out there. That was a pretty good game last night, lots of drama in the 4th quarter and what a catch by Manningham. Anyways, it's time for another installment of a cool card out of my collection...
Ok, so anyone can put a piece of jersey or bat in a card, but in 2001 Donruss got a hold of a couple pieces of wall from the dismantled Three Rivers Stadium and figured, "Let's cut 'em up and put 'em in cards!" Well, I couldn't be happier that they did. This is just plain awesome. The card highlights a game on 9/29/00 where Lance had two hits and a run scored. What's even better, check out the back of the card:
It actually gives a picture of the piece of walls that the piece was cut from. I wasn't collecting in 2001, I wish I was because I would have bought a ton of Donruss Studio I think. Hey, I was in college and had a BUNCH of disposable income from playing poker... haha... 

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this one... will have the final group break post up tonight!


  1. I've never seen these! Very cool relic. I like ones that are a bit different...bases, dirt, etc.

  2. Wow! Very cool. I must find a copy of this card for my Berkman collection.