Thursday, February 2, 2012

And The Randomization for the 2nd Team...

Alright everyone... here are the 15 participants:
1) jaybarkerfan
2) Matt Perrt
3) Jason
4) Hiflew
5) Jeffrey W
6) The Dimwit
7) Jess
8) IkesCards
9) Kary Smith
10) TheBrooklynMet
11) J.Bos
12) Dawgbones
13) IkesCards
14) IkesCards
15) J.Bos

And here are the remaining teams:
1) Arizona
2) Baltimore
3) Cubs
4) White Sox
5) Cincinnati
6) Florida
7) Kansas City
8) Angels
9) Oakland
10) Pittsburg
11) San Diego
12) Seattle
13) Tampa
14) Toronto
15) Washington

And here are the teams in random order, the number beside them will correspond to the numbers next to the participant names above:
So, the teams are:

Atlanta and Cubs - jaybarkerfan
Boston and San Diego - Matt Petty
Cleveland and Cincinnati - Jason
Colorado and Baltimore - Hiflew
Detroit and Toronto - Jeffrey W
Houston and Seattle - The Dimwit
Dodgers and Washington - Jess
Milwaukee and Pittsburg - IkesCards
Minnesota and White Sox - Kary Smith
Mets and Angels - TheBrooklynMet
Yankees and Oakland - J.Bos
Philadelphia and Tampa Bay - Dawgbones
San Francisco and Kansas City - IkesCards
St. Louis and Arizona - IkesCards
Texas and Florida - J.Bos

Ok, I double checked that and I'm fairly certain I got that all right. Anyways, if you want to trade and swap teams, just leave comments and let me know if a deal has been struck!

Thanks everyone.

I'm picking up the boxes tomorrow after work, so I hopefully will have the first video posted tomorrow night. I may do pack break posts for two boxes on Saturday and then the final video on Sunday. I've never done the traditional pack-by-pack breakdown posts, but if I have the patience to schedule them all for Saturday, I may do that... we'll see how it goes... again, let me know if you have a preference.


  1. Anybody want Tampa Bay? I wouldn't mind getting Baltimore if you are interested there Hiflew?

  2. I am using the randomized 2nd team to restock my trade coffers. Baltimore is near the top of my list, so I need to hang onto them for now. I have a ton of Rays.

  3. Hey Jason, any interest in trading me the Reds for the Angels? Or Ike, any interest in trading me Arizona for the Angels?