Friday, February 17, 2012

3 Packages of Awesome

Good morning everyone... one package and 2 eBay packages came yesterday... here's the loot!

First up, from SportsLots, I knocked out 30 commons from my 1978 Topps need list. I'm down to just 16 cards I need for the set!!!! Woo hoo!!! Eddie Murray, your RC will be mine at a decent price, oh yea, it will be mine...
The auto detect on my scanner REALLY doesn't like 1978 Topps' borders, just pretends they aren't there at all. Those aren't all mis-cut cards, I swear. Topps really went with the posed shots in 78, so I put the Lee Randle in just because it was a rare action shot. In the bottom row are two future managers, and I took a look at Bobby Valentine's stat lines and wow, how did he stay employed???? The guy sat well below the Mendoza line most of his career. These days, he'd have never seen AAA, let alone the majors! Anyways, some nice cards for my 1978 Topps binder nonetheless!

Next up, a package from eBay with the ONLY Astros jersey relic in the 2012 Topps set:
Good ol' Brett Wallace. He better start hitting this year, or I fear the Astros will run out of patience with him. They've even talked about moving him back to 3B if needed. Even as an Astros fan, he seems like a busted prospect. Too many holes in his swing and his power has all but disappeared, and that's not good for a "power prospect". As for the card, I like the design but I don't love it. But it was $.99 shipped and I'll take that any day for a jersey relic with a pinstripe.

Finally today, I finish off my 2012 relic collection with this beauty of a card. I've shown off my Angels Nolan Ryan Retired Ring, now I present my Astros Nolan Ryan Retired Ring:
Ahhhh.... so awesome... I love the old school Astros logos on either side of the ring. Just a freakin' cool card!

There is only one card from the 2012 Topps flagship set that I want, but don't think I'll get. It's the /34 numbered Nolan Ryan coin. If any of you awesome bloggers pull one of these coin cards, I'll trade cards and cash for it and will make it worth your while. Please keep me in mind!!!!

Have a great day everyone... it's FRIDAY!!!!!


  1. It ain't choo, me thinks all sanners hate baseball card borders. I think it's a conspiracy between Topps and the scanner manufacturer's guild. Either that or the bastard that invented the scanner is just feckin with us!!

  2. Your scanner may be auto-cropping. I had the same issue where I would scan white border cards and it would totally cut them off. I checked the scanner settings and turned off the auto-cropping option and now when I scan I get the entire image and crop it myself, leaving borders intact.

  3. im sure i have the cards you want lol.... email is

  4. oh ya and I do Have ALL the 1970s baseball cards!!!!