Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday is always better than Monday...

This is the classic case of having something HUGE that I'm anticipating on Friday (going home to Houston for Tristar) that this week is going to drag on forever, however it's already Tuesday so one day closer to the 8 hour drive back to H-town! 

Today I have a card from a guy who is fairly well known in Houston, but lacks the name recognition elsewhere, Cesar Cedeno. From the Upper Deck Gold Glove set, it features an AWESOME swatch of orange awesomeness:
Upper Deck really did know how to design awesome looking cards. I must say, the shadow outline against the grey background really makes the player standout on the card. And look at that uniform! IT's just awesome looking, they picked a great picture. Any bright orange swatch is automatically going to get my attention. Cesar won the Gold Glove from 72-76 while patrolling the cavernous Astrodome. Had he been on a major market team during those years, I think he'd be one of those guys who people try to make arguments for the HOF based on defensive stats, speed and contribution. I never saw him play in person of course, but I've been told he's one of the fastest Astros ever, that he could just fly around the bases. Anyways, he's back in the fold as a coach at the Astros Single A team this year, and it'd be cool to see him rise through the coaching ranks and maybe at least be a 1st base coach or outfield instructor for the major league team somewhere down the road. 

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  1. You are right about that awesome color. I have one of these but it has a grey swatch. I'll send it to you if you want.