Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tristar Goals

Hey everyone, no card today... just wanted to put down in electronic ink, the goals that I have for the Tristar show this weekend. I am hoping if I write it down, I'll stay a bit more focused and not blow my budget in the first 20 minutes!

1) Pay attention and get all the autographs that we paid for in my package. There is an autograph schedule and the guys only sign for a certain amount of time each. This will cut down on my ability to search through bargain boxes, dime boxes, etc, but I have 18 guys I'm getting autographs of and I need to stay focused to make sure I don't miss any!
2) Gypsy Queen Mini's & Bronze Borders - Here's hoping I can find a dealer who has a nice little stockpile I can pilfer at a very low cost. I would like to knock out a big chunk of my mini needs and possibly finish off the Bronze Border parallel set. I'm also going to be on the lookout for the green border complete set, as I'd like to put that together without having to trade/buy each one. I'd rather go complete set on this one.
3) Gypsy Queen Mini-Relics & Relics - Since I've decided to try and put these two subsets together, I want to try and see if I can find any of them at a discount. The names I have left in the mini-relics are some of the bigger names (especially Ruth and Gehrig) but I'm hoping that I can find most of the others and see if any of them are in the cheap relic lots that are prevalent at this show.
4) 1978 Topps - This is the lowest priority goal. If no Gypsy Queen loot can be found, I know there are a couple of booths that have binders full of 78's that I can go through and check off my want list. I know I have a chunk of 78's coming from a trade so I hope those get here in time for me to check them off my want list. If not, I may not be able to hit up this want list at all during the show.
5) Don't get fooled. Last year I made a bit of an error by trusting a dealer a little too much. I need to make sure that I check market value (not book) when considering a purchase. I tend to get caught up in the flurry of it all and I need to relax, and in most cases realize there isn't exactly a line of people waiting to buy the thing I'm considering momentarily. Nothing wrong with grabbing the phone, checking COMC and/or eBay to see what is out there. And if I do miss out on it, there's most likely another dealer around the show somewhere who probably also has the same thing. It will be rare that there's a "one-of-a-kind", miss it and it's gone forever kind of deal at these shows, despite what they imply in their mini sales pitches as you look through their stuff.
6) Finally, I'm taking my camera, my goal is to do a sort of photo essay of the trip, as well as get my wife to snap pictures (from whatever distance is allowed) of me getting my autographs with the 1986 Astros. Hopefully next Monday or Tuesday, I'll have a pretty nice big wrap up post.

Have a good day everyone... it's Wednesday, halfway to the weekend!!!!!


  1. Great goals! Can't wait to see what you come back with!

  2. My Goals:
    1) Watch Sam blow his budget in the first 20 minutes

    2) Console my friend when he realizes Nolan Ryan's last signing was 10 minutes ago.

    3) Buy up anything GQ related while Sam is in line for autographs.

    4) Take pictures of him taking pictures of me while having a completely retarded look on my face

    I think most of those are totally doable, lol.

    Seriously though, can't wait, going to be epic!