Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Trip to the Local Card Shop: BigHits Sports Cards

The wife picked me up from work yesterday since I have no car... grrrr... but since I got off work at 3, we had time to go run some errands and we swung by the local card shop. It turned into a great trip.

But before I get to that, I have to mention this: I've failed to mention a trade/giveaway I received from Rod over at Padographs. He was giving away some stuff recently and I claimed a couple items for my wife. But on his most recent blog post about American Pie, I expressed interest in trading for one of the hits. Well he sent it along and said that if I find some Jeff Pendergraph relic cards, so send one his way, if not enjoy the card. Well, I'll be headed to Tristar next weekend and my eyes will be peeled for Jeff Pendergraph relic cards! Here is what he sent:
So, I mention that as it leads into this: I was making a purchase for my collection and they had an open box of American Pie, so I told Nathan to throw in 5 packs of American Pie for my wife. She rolled her eyes at my purchasing... but opened the packs to find this:
Pretty freakin' sweet. I should mention, both are numbered /25. So, anyways, my wife now has her first major collecting goal. She wants to put together a Frankenset of the HOLLYWOOD sign, getting different subjects for each letter! We've got 2/9's of it done! If anyone has any of the letters, let me know, I'll gladly trade for them! Baseball-for-Letters or even celebrity-for-letters, whatever you're looking for in return!

Alright, so onto the baseball section of this post! My purchase began with just two cards that Nathan was holding for me:
It's hard to tell, but that Bagwell is autographed and inscribed ROY '91. That's my first Bagwell auto! SWEET! The Beltran, well that's just a sweeeeeet freakin' card! Awesome dual patch and it's numbered 25/25! Well, with the wife picking up 5 packs of American Pie, I snagged 5 packs of the similarly priced Topps Chrome (because, you know, I've become a Topps Chrome addict this year.... I'm seeking counseling...) and well, here are three of the non-base cards I got:
 The Freeman is the refractor version numbered /562. The Nishioka is out of /199. But the biggest surprise came from my other two packs, yea, out of the 5 packs I bought, I got both autos from the box!!!!!
This adds a second Drabek to my book of hits (this is the base auto, the other is the refractor /499. This adds a second McGee hit, this one is /199 and the other I have is not an auto, but the base card black printing plate 1/1.  So, needless to say, my horrible week had a nice ending!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I have an 'O' available (it's James Cagney). Seems like the O's are the easy ones to get but seeing as how there are three in Hollywood, it makes sense. I'd love to work out something for the Drabek refractor auto if its up for trade.

  2. Yea that Beltran is sick man. Congrats on the pick ups.