Sunday, January 8, 2012

Trade Night at Big Hits Sports Cards

Before I start this post, all the group break packages have been put together and will be mailed tomorrow, EXCEPT Jesseca S who claimed the Orioles and got the Rangers as their second team. I need your address!!!! I've sent a couple of e-mails and not gotten a reply, but please get it to me so I can get your cards out in the mail ASAP! Thanks.

Ok, so last night was trade night at the LCS and I actually did some trading! As well as bought another box of 2007 Masterpieces because I just can't resist some Masterpieces goodness. Although at this point I really should. If anyone needs cards from 2007 Masterpieces, just let me know I'm sure I have at least one full extra set and can spare some duplicates!

As for my loot, we'll start with the trade bait section of what I got:
Nothing AMAZING out of the Masterpieces box, although my box topper was Ken Griffey Jr. as a Mariner if anyone needs it. All the above cards are for trade...
Anyone still need shiney's?
The Joe Morgan is one of the legends SP's from 2011 Topps and is definitely for trade, and that Biggio RC is not for trade! I've been hunting this card for a while, and actually got it for free! A SWEEEEEET addition to my Biggio player collection.

Finally, here are some cards I traded for:
Across the top, three Berkman's I was definitely missing from my collection! I love the Authetix card, it's serated at the bottom and is under-sized, as though it was an actual ticket that got ripped in two (although no ballpark I've been to even does that any more, it's all computerized scanning... sigh). Chris Wallace has been a beast in the minors for the Astros so far and when I was in Houston I worked with his cousin. He's a home grown guy who went to UofH and once he got to the minors he re-connected with his old hitting coach and really started pounding the ball again. He wears a face guard due to a horrific face injury from a fastball by Barrett Loux of Texas A&M. They said if he gets hit in the face like that again, he'll probably die or something, anyways, he wears the full clear face shield at all times now.

There in the center, the jewel (literally and figuratively) of my trade evening, the Gypsy Queen Jewel card. A customer at the LCS overheard me a few weeks ago talk about how I'm putting together the mini's and complete sets of GQ and thought I might like it. I wanted to snag one of these, but didn't want to pay big bucks for it. In the end, I didn't pay all that much and I'm very happy with this card! It is awesome!

Yesterday was pretty awesome overall, although my SHSU Bearkats' loss to NDSU stung a bit. The Texans won convincingly in the first ever playoff game in their history and I was yelling and jumping up and down on every big play. FYI: JJ Watt is a BEAST! The fact that he even caught that interception was amazing, but to then have the focus to run it back for the TD? AWESOME. I believe that play single-handedly gave the Texans the momentum they needed to close the door in the second half... oh, and how sweet is it to have Andre Johnson at full strength? He looked great despite a couple drops... and I can't say enough about Arian Foster. That last touchdown run was awesome, they Bengals thought they'd just try to knock him out of bounds rather than MAN UP AND TACKLE so they got what they deserved: a TD run to seal the victory. Congrats Texans. Now lets hope we can put together a solid game plan to beat Baltimore: STOP RAY RICE and never under any circumstances allow Joe Flacco be a reason we lose.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. I'd love to trade for the Alex Gordon Masterpieces Auto!

  2. Would you kindly be able to set aside the Joe Morgan? I'd like to find something around here to send for that soon.