Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Trade From My Cardboard Mistress and Kyle Does Right By Me...

Two trades to post this morning... the first is from Adam from My Cardboard Mistress. Adam contacted me about a week ago and we put together a nice little deal that involved me sending a 'Zo jersey and a BJ (Upton that is...) or two his way... *snicker* Here's the awesomeness that I got back:

The front is textured as if it was actually painted on there, an AWESOME card and that would be awesome in and of itself if it wasn't for what was lurking on the back!

SWEEEEET! A bat/jersey combo relic numbered /50. This instantly jumps to one of the top 5 Berkman cards I own! Thanks Adam! You rock sir! And I apologize for the mis-post I originally posted! (For those who caught the early edition of this post, I incorrectly attributed this trade to another blogger.)

Next up is Kyle from Just A Bit Outside. We had a bit of a back and forth trade negotiation whilst throwing cards in and out of the deal and then finally came to a simplified trade that made both of us extremely happy... I ended up with a couple awesome Astros prospect autos:
Bogusevic is on the MLB roster and I expect him to make the team out of Spring Training for the first time this year as the 4th outfielder and first bat off the bench. Deshields has the lineage, now he just needs to get his act together and start acting like a major league ball player. He'll get there, and hopefully he has a great career with the Astros.

Have a great Saturday everyone, I'll have the second of two Tristar posts tomorrow!

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  1. Wow...and here I thought it was me who sent you that Berkman...