Friday, January 6, 2012

January 2012 Group Break.... after MUCH technical difficulties...

Alright, after much delay, my awesome wife entered the room... tapped a few keys and found a program that would convert the 2.33 GB .mod file to a 837MB MP4 and the upload to YouTube dropped from 2+ hours to about 40 minutes. Why so long? Well, I decided that since I have a full weekend ahead, that I needed to knock this all out in one video, get everything posted and get cards sorted & packed up tonight.

Be aware, if you are reading this in an RSS feed, you won't see the "page break" that proceeds the scans of all the cards, so be careful. If you want to see just the video without the scans, just go to the main page now and you'll be able to watch it before hitting the "Read More" link which will take you to the scans!

So, you get all three boxes tonight! As well as a bonus clip after the page break for randomizations...

Without further ado, here is the video!
After the break, check out the scans of all the hits and almost all the inserts!

Alright, here are the scans of the hits from Artifacts:
Some Josh Johnson love! And that e-card is SWEEEEEET too with that "e"... even if it is Jason Kendall. It's a trifecta on one card: bat, jersey and ON-CARD auto! Congrats Stealing Home!

Up next the inserts from A Piece of History:
And here are your hits from A Piece of History:
The Marlins score again! The Red Sox get a obscure signature and we all win with Austin Powers!!! Upon further review, we got shorted a hit in this box (BOO!!!!) Thanks a lot Upper Deck.

Next up, the numbered inserts from SP Authentics:
 And your regular inserts... there are big production gashes on the Longoria and the Sabathia... boo...
 And finally your hits from the SP Authentics!
Well, the Vince Carter makes up for the hit we were shorted in APOH... right????? Ok, so maybe not... I decided to randomize the Carter amongst all participants mainly because it was an "extra" hit we weren't expecting and a non-baseball hit at that.  Anyways, enjoy the following randomization for the Powers and Carter... don't mind the hysterics, I had just spent over half an hour trying to find a way to convert the break video...
Congrats to all who are in the break and I hope you all enjoy your cards. We got some cool ones but not that I'd say "HOLY CRAP!!!!! THAT'S SOME MAJOR MOJO!!!!"

Anyways, I've already started researching next months cards. Hopefully it has just a bit of a better return for us all!


  1. Hi There,
    Enjoyed the box breaks, but the vide stops paying, maybe because the file was zipped

  2. hey there - the videos worked fine for me. fine enough for me to see the mojo i got. thanks for the break ! :)

  3. Hi Sam, thanks for the box break, was a fun break again so thanks for the efforts !

  4. Wahoo!! Pulled a Triber "mojo" and getting the Mets worked very well for me! Awesome!