Monday, January 16, 2012

I missed a post yesterday...

I got so wrapped up in the Texans-Ravens game and subsequent hanging out with the wife that I totally forgot to post yesterday... I know you were all very upset... I'll make up for it today with another card from my PC of Hunter Pence.

I think I picked this one up in a trade with a fellow blogger, but I can't remember for sure anymore. Crazy how after just 2 years all this stuff starts to jumble together in my head... But it's a great card from 2009:
Triple Threads is just one of those products that Topps continues to hit out of the park. I've never opened a pack myself, but someday! So, as for this card, well... wow... Nice auto at the top, sticker autos usually earn negative points for me, but on this card I'm neutral toward it. Bam Bam, not sure I ever knew that was a nickname for Hunter, but let's start with the B's. A solid swatch of DIRTY pinstripe! Maybe Topps reserves all the dirty swatches for the higher end stuff! Maybe thats why everything else is such a clean piece. Very awesome. In the A's we have the usual bat piece(s) and then the M's are a sweet piece of patch. After studying it a bit, I've determined that the black patch must be from on of the letters on the back of his jersey, just no clue which one! Anyways, even though Hunter is a Philly now, I'll keep collecting his Astros hits for sure.

I hope this week is better for all of you, and for myself. Work should calm down a bit and hopefully I don't go around playing bumper cars with anyone else.


  1. Love that Pence. Hope he has another good year or better.

  2. Wow...that is a very busy card! Topps really crammed a lot of cool stuff on that small piece of cardboard.

  3. most of the time i dont like the cut out words on those cards..but it works in this case. definitely an awesome design.

  4. I love this card and completely agree about Triple Threads hitting it out of the park. I've got 10 Andrew McCutchen Topps Triple Threads so far (2 of which will be posted in the coming weeks). Your collection is awesome!