Monday, January 2, 2012

Group Break Update and New Feature

Hey everyone, we only need 2 more participants in the group break to fill it up! PLENTY of great teams left. Including one team that has the 4th most card possibilities across all three sets... I'll let you guess which team that is! And only $13 per slot for two teams! Anyone who already has 1 slot in the break, it's only $11 to add one more.

The boxes were ordered last night, they should be here by the end of the week. I really would like to fill it up so that I don't have to cover any of the extra slots. Should be a really fun break with lots of great hits!

So I've decided that I need to start showing off my collection a bit from time to time. I have all these awesome cards in a binder but rarely does anyone get to see them. So, randomly I'll be grabbing a card or cards from my collection and showing them off, explaining why I think it's a cool card and why it's in my collection. So to start things off, one of the easiest cards to expound upon:
Why do I own it? Well, duh, because it's Nolan Ryan. Why is it awesome? Well, duh, because it's Nolan Ryan. Anyways, I really like this card for many reasons beyond the Nolan factor. It has a piece of game used bat! For a pitcher, that's awesome because usually that's a bit harder find for pitchers. Secondly, it has an awesome swatch of the old style uniforms and there's even a loose thread flopping around the seam that goes through the right side of the Y. Even if it's a Mets card, I LOVE IT! It shows a young Nolan before he harnessed his abilities and before he forced the trade to California. The flaw on the back is actually just a bent part of the penny sleeve it is in, not on card. Finally, it's a low number relic as well, numbered 8/25. Couldn't be happier about having this card in my collection. If I remember correctly I bought this card or traded for it at Big Hits Sports Cards here in Alabama.

Thanks everyone for reading! And go join the group break, you know you want to!