Monday, January 2, 2012

Group Break - 2nd Team Randomization

Alright, I had barely posted the previous post for more than a few minutes and Dennis came on board and snagged the last two slots. So I'll do the randomization to assign the additional teams.

The remaining teams:
1. Arizona
2. Cincinnati
3. Colorado
4. Florida
5. Kansas City
6. L.A. Angels
7. Milwaukee
8. Minnesota
9. NY Mets
10. Oakland
11. Pittsburgh
12. San Diego
13. San Francisco
14. Tampa Bay
15. Texas

The number next to your name below represents the number of the team above that you get... and the randomization spit out the following results:

So the pairings will be:
Colbey - Atlanta & Cincinnati
Jesseca S - Baltimore & Texas
Matt Perry - Boston & Colorado
Matt Pederson - Chi Cubs & Florida
Jeff Laws - Chi White Sox & Oakland
David - Cleveland & NY Mets
Dennis - Detroit & LA Angels
The Dimwit - Houston & Tampa Bay
Stealing Home - LA Dodgers & Pittsburgh
J. Bos - NY Yankees & San Francisco
Daddyohoho - Philadelphia & Kansas City
Dennis - Seattle & Milwaukee
Ikescards - St. Louis & Arizona
Robert M. - Toronto & Minnesota
Daddyohoho - Washington & San Diego

Anyone who wants to swap teams, just leave comments below!


  1. Ok, I have the Angels and Brewers and wouldn't mind getting Cincy and/or Colorado if those people might want to trade.

  2. i've got pittsburgh and i'm open to trade offers

  3. The Reds..not bad. Maybe I'll end up w/ some Griffeys.

    Sorry Dennis, I'm keeping Cincy.

  4. Colbey--no problem, that's actually why I took Seattle thanks to his '09 SP letter autos. That and a shot at some Felix Hernandez stuff.

  5. Hey, Stealing Home, I'll trade Mets for Pirates if you'd like.

  6. I have the Marlins and am interested in trading them for the Rangers or Twins

  7. Jbos! Drop me a note if your giants are for trade. Arpsmith at cox dot net