Thursday, January 19, 2012

CONTEST UPDATE - Another Card... and SOPA/PIPA...

CONTEST ENTRANTS: After posting the contest yesterday, Tri City Sports PL has read the post and asks that all entrants must be registered members of their site/forum. So please head over to Tri City Sports PL and register. I'm not too happy that they added a rule to the contest after I've already got 26 entries, so my personal feeling is that I will not disqualify anyone who doesn't go register immediately. However, if you are the winner, you will need to go register with the site before they will ship your prize. There is nothing to registering and as a registered member, I can honestly say there is no spam. They send out a periodic (quarterly maybe?) update via e-mail about their products and that's about it.

Alright, with that bit out of the way, I'll explain why yesterdays two posts didn't contain any pictures... it was my own little protest to the SOPA/PIPA crap. I still wanted to write, I just didn't want to use any images that these laws might consider illegal. You know, scans of pieces of cardboard that I own... stupid government and congress thinking they need to get involved and legislate EVERYTHING... morons...

Alright, so here's today's card!

This is Berkman's base refractor from 2009 Topps Finest. It's a freakin' sweeeeet card to hold in person. The refractor-y nature of this card just shines and I gotta say that I really like what Finest does from year to year, just not a huge fan of the price of the boxes. Anyway, another cool part about this card is the serial number, 001/399! The first off the line! Very cool! Anyways, have a great Thursday!


  1. Man, their site is creepy. It took several emails, updates, password changes, webid verifications, before I was finally signed in and a member.

    Then looking at some of the profiles of "people" recently signed up, they looked like spammers for "girls to talk to" and fashion?

    Very weird man.

  2. I'm with Kyle. If they'd like someone to design them a website, send them my way. I'd be more than happy to talk to them about it. Having a website with... well... product information, would go a long way to making me want to sign up to be a member.

    I also thought they were sending you the box, that's what I get for reading it quickly on my phone, now I get it.