Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CONTEST RESULTS! Tri City Sports PL - Promo Box - Contest Results and Review

Well, the time has come. Today I received my promotional box of 2012 Tri City Sports PL Diamond Cuts Baseball.

Here's the video of the box being busted:

Alright, well here are the scans of the cards:
 Well, there's the Bobby Valentine 1/1 Cut autograph. I was wrong in the video, we do have a winner!!!

This means that TheBrooklynMet is the winner of the contest! Congrats! He correctly guessed the "Dodgers - 1960's" and according to Bobby made his playing debut in 1969 (5 games total) for the Los Angeles Dodgers. I'll be getting you more information ASAP on how to claim your prize with TCSP or TCSP will be contacting you directly.
And here is the stamp card that is the second of two cards within the product.

Alright, so I was also requested to do a product review along with the promo box. 

1) Overall Look - There are several ways to look at this. I'll start with the basic design of both cards. In and of themselves, the actual design isn't too shabby. I like the picture and fonts used on the stamp card, and even the layout of the stamp card is pleasing to the eyes. On the cut autograph, the actual design above the cut signature portion has a decent look with the American flag in the background and non-disturbing font selections. Although I would say the font used for the "TEXAS" is a bit too thin and rather than an outlined lettering, it would look better as a solid block lettering rather than white with black pencil borders. As for the actual inserted items, the stamp is a nice clean stamp with a consistent fringe around the edge. As for the cut auto, well that's where I have to be honest and say that the auto they selected to be part of this card is just too dang big! They had to cut off part of the actual signature (on both names) in order to fit it on the card. Additionally, the stock used for the card is rather flimsy, thin and just not that high of quality. Basically both cards have been laminated and cut from the lamination sheet. This is in sharp contrast to the framed, thick cards from last year's edition of Diamond Cuts. Additionally, the way that the auto is cut from the white cardboard it came from, well leaves a lot to be desired aesthetically speaking. In this blogger's opinion, some uniformity around the edges (if a cut auto is going to be done in this manner) is very pleasing to the eye, and even if that means leaving some open white space on the card, at least give us some symmetry! Finally, as stated earlier, this auto has been lopped off at the top, bottom and sides. The whole purpose of the cut autograph is that you get the whole autograph, right?

2) Quality Of Card Subjects - Bobby Valentine is a well known name, both in the States and in Japan. As the now current manager of the Red Sox, I'm sure this card may have a decent level of appeal. However, as a 1/1 subject in the set, I don't think his name justifies the lofty status of being a 1/1 cut autograph. As for the stamp, the stamp card is more of a throw-in on the box level, it doesn't add tremendous collecting value so it doesn't really matter what the subject of the stamp is.

3) Overall Value - Considering that this box was free to me, it was definitely worth the opportunity to open and see what Tri City Sports PL is able to offer in this years product. That being said, compared to last year's product and other cut autograph products, I don't think this years set is going to hold up very well. Even with a 1/1 autograph, there would be little chance that if I paid full retail for this box that I'd be able to even break even with value. However, if you do happen to get lucky and get one of the redemptions (including the World Series tickets) you could do pretty well. So, basically like most cut autograph and signed product releases, this turns into a high priced gamble to take a chance at hitting one of the redemptions or one of the more limited cut autographs of truly HOF or legendary players.

4) Collecting Influence - Will this be a set collectors go after to either complete a set or amass a collection? I don't think so. I think this will be a curiosity buy, and for that matter it will most likely have to be at a price reduction from the suggested retail price.

5) Overall Rating - I'm going to have to give this box/product 1 out of 5 stars. It just doesn't add up to a great release. The card stock is way too thin, the lamination of the cards just comes across looking cheap and leaves a shine on the card that is really undesirable. The actual autograph here was WAY too big for the card and should have never been used if it meant cutting off edges of the actual autograph. Overall, I don't know if I'd spend money on buying this product myself. I could see some appeal to box busters who aim to win the main prize or other "jumbo" prizes, but at what cost? I don't see where this product fits in amongst higher quality releases of Cut Autograph products that include not only high quality subjects, but actual hard slabbed and authenticated autographs. The stamp card does not add value to the box, and I think they will be hard pressed to find actual collectors interested in these cards.

Well, that sums up my opinion and review of the box/product. Am I wrong? Please feel free to share your opinions and reviews. Would you buy this product? At what price? Do you think it will find a big audience in America? How do you think it stacks up against other Cut Autograph products? 

Have a great evening everyone!


  1. Awesome! Glad to win and thanks for the comprehensive review.

  2. Dang...I went with 70s dodgers. So close...

  3. I originally went with 40's Dodgers, but didn't enter after they changed the rules. I didn't like the way the changed the rules AFTER the fact.

  4. Yikes. Ultra thin, laminated cards? Really? I've been interested in making my own custom cards recently and I even went through the trouble of tracking down ultra thick 220pt card stock. If I can do it, a professional company certainly can too.