Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Day... Another Card...

It seems that a lot of the cards I really like in my collection, for whatever reason, come from my Lance Berkman collection. Today, you get another Lance to observe!

I don't think I own too much from Donruss Signature Series, but I wish I did! This one, from 2001 highlights Lance's .297 batting average, and wouldn't you know it, they numbered the card /297. It's a nice signature, albeit on a sticker. But these days the stickers are the rule, not the exception and I guess it's time that we grow accustomed to them being the preferred means of signing. Donruss had a good idea though, if it's going to be a sticker, at least place it on a nice refractor-y background that's actually imbedded in the card. I've found Berkman autographs to be almost as scarce as Biggio but no where as hard to find as Bagwell. 

Have a great Monday everyone. 

1 comment:

  1. Nice auto indeed. I still need to find an affordable Berkman auto to add to my collection of his.