Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Day, Another Card - Biggio Edition

I've got another Biggio card for you all to see today. It's another one of my favorites that I have of his. I present this one today, because last night I finished off a bit of a goal for me: I completed the cataloging and binder-ing of all my Biggio and Bagwell cards. I now have a binder that has all my Bagwell and Biggio cards, with each page(s) being a separate year of release. Anyways, I also have a spreadsheet, so as packages come in and I get more Biggio/Bagwell cards, I can check them off the list and get them in the binder! So glad to have this done, now I only have to add Berkman and Nolan too! But here's today's card!

Shoe, jersey, bat and pants! A quad relic of one of the greatest players in Astros history. And numbered to 50! Biggio and Bagwell will someday BOTH be in the HOF. I've avoided blogging my anger at the BWAA for being so mentally challenged, but with Bagwell getting over 50% this year, my hopes are up that he'll progress towards enshrinement, and we he does he'll be there next to Biggio as one of the greatest 1B-2B combos to play the game. I don't know how you can't like Biggio, the way he played, and the stats that he consistently put up year after year. He's a first ballot HOF and in my opinion, a step above Alomar as an overall player. Anyways, enjoy the card and have a great day!


  1. Sweet Biggio card. I actually got to meet Craig when he was a rookie because my uncle was good friends with Ken Caminiti (RIP). I agree that Biggio should be a first ballot HOFer

  2. Very nice card - that is probably close to the holy grail of a player collector as possible. I love the tott cards that have multiple things like that. Imagine if it had a patch and an auto as well!

    I agree btw about a 1st ballotter. I don't know my thoughts on Bagwell - I feel like he could have easily made it had he been healthy for a few more years. Either way, surely he'll be in next go 'round!

    I was a bit confused about Larkin making it though. I don't understand how that happened.

  3. I love how some of those Tools of the Trade cards look, that's great!