Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas To You All

Well, I'm in Houston as of Thursday night and away from my collection... so there won't be any real card related updates from me until at least Friday when we return to Alabama.

But I did want to tell everyone a very Merry Christmas, and for those Scrooge's out there who can't do anything more than say something negative, tear down people's happiness or ruin the joy and enthusiasm that everyone else is experiencing during this holiday season, just shut up. Let other people be happy. Take a moment and evaluate why, as soon as someone does something good, you feel you have to jump in with your negativity, really it just makes you look like a jerk.

Have a great Christmas Eve everyone. I hope everyone gets exactly what they want under their tree. I hope RCs, relics, sweet hits and autos abound. I hope that you get that ONE card that completes a set or player collection. I hope all your trade packages are filled with extra cards you didn't expect. I hope you stumble upon that blaster of Gypsy Queen you've been looking for (ok, that's for me). I hope you and your families get that one last Christmas with the loved one you hope can make it just one more. I hope that all you soldiers make it home in time to see your kids open their presents. I hope those without a home find warmth and safety tonight. I hope the sick find a nice hot bowl of Chicken Noodle soup to help them heal. I hope those without hope find hope. And most of all, I hope that this next year is better than the last for each and every one of you.

For anyone who reads this blog, I genuinely thank you for your readership. For those who have participated in my group breaks this year, I thank you for joining in the fun and joy of busting wax. For those I've traded with, thank you for the many cards I would never have gotten my hands on in any other way. For those who have sent me random cards out of the blue, thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Merry Christmas everyone!