Friday, December 16, 2011

UD Future Stars Group Break - Box # 2

Well, no redemption cards hiding in the rest of the boxes, I meant to assure you last night of that but I was rather forgetful... I also forgot to link to Tanner's Blog, 6,000,000 Cards and Counting... Thanks for helping out with the break Tanner and everyone go check out his blog!

Alright, here's today's video:

And after the break you get the scans!
And we start with the parallels!
A decent selection of parallels, two D-Trains and a 3 Astros sweet! Here are the World Future Stars parallels:
Oh yea, and an Abreu parallel... we only got 2 of the WFS insert parallels this box... and finally of course the hits!
The McLouth is NOT numbered anywhere I can tell on the front but it supposedly is one of the SP autos with the red ink of course. The Giants, Mets and Marlins guys are mysteries to me and Accardo has had a half decent career thus far....

That's it for 2006... tomorrow and Sunday, we'll get the 2007 going, although by Sunday all the cards will be in the mail! In fact, they are all in team bags next to my keyboard right now... I like teasing you all! Haha!

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