Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trades and Mail!

Alright, I have some overdue trade posts! Plus I got a Topps Redemption in the mail today!

First a trade from Jason C. who runs Hobbs' Knights. He was interested in the Mark Reynolds Sepia Refractor I pulled from one of my boxes of Topps Chrome and he sent me these awesome mini's and GQ base!
 Next up is my Freddie Freeman auto from the box of 2011 Topps Chome I busted pack-a-day style...
 Next up a trade with Cameron over at Cardboard Heaven. We made a nice swap off cards.
I picked up the Banks/Ramirez in hopes of a trade with a guy at my LCS, but by all means make an offer if you're interested. Same goes with the Austin Jackson. All offers are appreciated! The Lincecum is here to stay thought, need him for my collection!

And finally I got this Astros beaut off e-bay!

New group break to be posted soon...

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