Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Trade.... and something completely random...

Good morning everyone! Only 4 spots left in this group break!!!! Seriously, there are 20 AUTOGRAPHS in this break... 20!!!!! And for $15 you get 2 teams worth of cards!

Alright, onto a trade and the promised randomness... The trade is from my good friend Johnny over at Cards From The Quarry. We made a trade a while back and he had to wait for some cards from COMC and/or another group break (can't remember which) but anyways, I have forgotten what I sent the good man but I got this awesomeness in return!
A trio of awesome auto's: Jason Castro, J.R. Towles and Scott Elarton. I was shocked to find out Scott was still pitching, he signed a minor league deal with some team this offseason, I thought for sure he'd have retired by now but I guess he just really loves the game (or the sweet $$$ of minor league deals??). Added are some sweet inserts, especially the one with the disembodied head of Nolan floating around over the cartoon body... awesome cards! And I always welcome more Mike Scott cards, they are so rare! I mean his prime was in the mid-to-late 80's, you'd think they'd have made more cards of him! But he is usually few and far between in trades, so when I get one I'm pretty happy. If only I had learned to scuff the ball in little league, I wouldn't be a blogger, I'd probably be on a pitching staff with Scott Elarton right now... just sayin'...

Speaking of Mike Scott and Nolan Ryan... I'm going to have the chance to live out a fanboy dream this January. My amazing, super, awesome, thoughtful, sublime, crazy wife got me a super VIP package to this for my Christmas present!!!! That's right, I'll be getting autographs from 18 members of the 1986 Houston Astros, including Mike Scott, Nolan Ryan, Glenn Davis, Jose Cruz Sr., Danny "Dr. Death" Darwin and Terry Puhl. Some of you may be like "Huh? Who?" but those guys were my heroes as a 6 year old kid. Plus, there is a "Reunion Reception" on Saturday night and I'll get to go rub elbows with all those guys, have a Q&A session and eat the same food they do!!!! There will most likely be an epically long blog post at the end of January about this, just prepare yourselves! I'm getting to meet Nolan and Mike in person, and get to have my picture taken with them as well!!!!! I'm really hoping and praying I stay my usual jovial self around them, and not clam up like an embarrassed 7 year old girl meeting Justin Beiber (no offense to the actual 7 year old girls out there). It's going to be LEGEND... wait for it... ARY!!!!! My wife is awesome... way more awesome than all those other wives out there... haha! I win!!!!

And now for something completely random! This is hilarious!!!!

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