Friday, December 2, 2011

Mail Day... Trades!

A couple of trade posts to throw up on the blog today... first of all we have some cards from David, aka Rhubarb Runner... it had been a while since we swung a trade, mainly because I had cleared him and his LCS out of Astros cards but we were able to put a trade together centered on two prospect autos: Jay Rainville and Jason Lane:
 A nice looking card... the vertical auto is always a little different...
 A nice trio of Roger Clemens cards... that third one is the most interesting, as what is scanned as looking white in the photo above is actually clear and there's absolutely no text on back. Very odd... and coo.!
And a Berkman/Pettitte dual card. I still don't understand the idea behind this set but it's numbered /125 so I'm happy.

Next up a deal with Andrew S. who frequents the blog, group breaks and is also from Houston (although he's a Rangers fan, but I'll forgive him that since MLB has made the Rangers/Astros "rivals, because he makes great trades!) On to the cards:
 There is no verbiage saying this is 80-90 year old bunting, heck the card is from 2008, they may have cut up a fresh one that hung that year, but it's still a cool card! And numbered /199!
The surfer dude was just a card Andrew threw in to be nice! Very cool, I'm a big fan of Goodwin this year and prefer it over A&G. Finally there is Mark Melancon, our de facto "closer" this year because everyone else sucked. A nice auto, and part of my collection now. Just wish he was in an Astros uni for this card! Thanks Andrew!

Everyone, head over to my buddy Matt's blog DocHoloday and check out his trade-a-thon and base-card-purge giveaway! You won't be disappointed!


  1. would you be willing to trade the Hobgood card (the surfer)

  2. just got yours today -- thanks again for the swap